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Newborn Baby Photography Dulwich – Just One


To me this picture sums up those early moments of parenthood so well, it’s a picture that reflect the absolute joy and enormous love felt by parents for each other and for their tiny babies in those amazing early days.

I love to photograph newborns – it’s such an incredible privilege to be invited into my client’s homes to record these early days. I’m often one of the first visitors and it’s wonderful to witness the early moments as parents get to know their babies and to see the love that they share. I love the thought that over the years I may be lucky enough to visit again, to share some other moments – perhaps those first faltering steps as she learns to walk, or flying a home made kite – to provide a record of childhood that can be looked back on as the years fly by.

All my newborn sessions take place in my clients’ homes and I particularly love how this anchors the images into every day life. We all have so many memories of our childhood homes and it’s often the little details that will remind us of times past, and so I love to take pictures in rooms that will mean so much to the family. I look at this picture and think about all the memories that will be made in this room as the years go by; morning snuggles on a cold winter day, waking up mummy and daddy to play at an ungodly hour because that’s what little ones do. Jumping on the bed and hide and seek in the duvet, all these things that the family will have to look forward to and then this day, today, with their tiny newborn daughter, snuggled together with her parents in a moment recorded in this photograph.

I could look at these expressions all day as they sum up everything I want to record in my photography. The relationship between parents and their child, the look of absolute unconditional love and the unity as a family everyone so completely happy together. It’s a picture that I hope the family will love as much as I do an that they will enjoy looking back on and remembering this wonderful time as the years go by.

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