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Just One – newborn baby Jack


Everyone has something they love best in all the world, and I think that photographing the children of my closest friends is very high on my list. It's one of my all-time favourite things.

I was so thrilled to visit Mary and Joe to meet the newest addition to their wonderful family, baby Jack, and I had such a lovely time photographing him along with Jack's big brother Luke (who now seems very grown-up aged two, and is very proud indeed of his baby brother).

We spent a happy couple of hours photographing, chatting, laughing, having a wonderful time and I have so many lovely pictures that I look forward to sharing. Today it's 'Just One', a sneak preview from our newborn session.

This picture caught my eye due to its beautiful simplicity. It's a timeless newborn portrait with lovely soft lighting that is perfect for Jack's tranquil, sleeping face. I love how he is wrapped in a beautiful blanket (knitted by his grandma) and so very peaceful. The world goes on around him – Luke runs his toy car around the edge of the bed, Mary and Joe have a much needed cup of tea – yet Jack snoozes happily, so safe and content surrounded by those who love him.

To me, it's a picture that really encapsulates this moment in time – so quiet, peaceful, snug and most of all, so tiny and new – a moment full of promise for the future and all the excitement that will bring. I feel incredibly privileged to have been there to meet Jack when he was so little, under a week old, and I'm going to love photographing Jack and his brother as they grow up.

I hope you like the picture and do check back in a week or two for some more pictures from Jack's newborn baby photo shoot in South London.

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