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Just One – newborn baby photography in North London


I am loving this wonderful September weather with its beautiful light and warm, balmy days. It’s the perfect start to autumn and the perfect weather to photograph beautiful baby Elsa, who is just a week old and one of the cutest babies I have ever been lucky enough to photograph.

As with all my newborn baby photo shoots, the session took place at the family’s home – in this case in Winchmore Hill in North London, which was nice and close to my home in Crouch End. I love being able to photograph babies in their homes, as we have everything to hand, can work around the baby’s needs and there is always a plentiful supply of coffee for the adults during the numerous breaks. It’s such a lovely way to photograph – completely relaxed, with everyone chatting and enjoying ourselves, happy in the home. Just perfect.

Today’s ‘Just One’ preview really makes the best of the family’s beautiful home, using the environment to produce a really striking and innovative newborn baby portrait. I love using the architecture of people’s homes like this – lovely graphic lines, beautiful light, the amazing window seat and the family all together producing a really beautiful family portrait. It’s an image that captures this special time, made all the more impactful by the the incredible bright light that seems to encircle the family in their cocoon of love and wonder with their beautiful newborn daughter. I also think this image somehow encasuplates that emotion of the first few days with a new baby, with Kate looking down at their newborn daughter, tenderly held in her lap while Tom looks across, a look of immeasurable pride and love on his face.

I’m so thrilled with this image, it’s everything I strive for in my photography and I hope you will enjoy it too – today’s ‘Just One’ preview image from our newborn baby photography session in North London.

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