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Just One – Beatrix


Today I’m thrilled to share this preview ‘Just One’ image from my most recent newborn photography session, which was lovely and close to home in Alexandra Palace in North London. Newborn photography is such a pleasure and a privilege – it’s an incredible time for each family as they welcome and get to know the new little person who is suddenly the absolute centre of their world. Chris said to me yesterday that he’d never really understood how people said they couldn’t remember the time before their baby was born until his beautiful daughter Beatrix arrived, and it now made total sense. You could see that – Chris and Kate are so in love with their beautiful little girl. It was wonderful to see and I get such pleasure from being able to record this amazing time – these first few days, so full of wonder and lacking in sleep, these days of discovery and complete and utter joy. It’s truly one of the most amazing things to photograph.

This picture caught my eye because of Chris and Kate’s expressions – showing such love, pride, happiness and wonder. Their expressions seem to say, ‘look what we did – she the most amazing, beautiful, wonderful little girl in the world’ and I’m so pleased to have captured it. And then we have Beatrix, baby Bea, so snuggled and warm and content, sleeping comfortably after a lovely long feed, happy and peaceful in her parents’ arms.

This is what I look for in a picture – emotion, love, and also a bit of context from the surrounding environment. I love the blinds giving an interesting background to the image, softening the light so that we have a lovely, diffused wrap-around effect of backlighting from the blinds, rather than the clutter of the street outside. Sometimes it’s about getting as much light as possible for a portrait photograph, and sometimes it is about the quality of the light and working with that light for the best effect, as we did here.

I love this picture from Beatrix’s recent newborn and family photo shoot in North London, and I do hope you will too.

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