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Newborn Photography in Bromley, Kent – Just One


I often ask myself what draws me to a particular image and it’s almost always one that tells a story, that shows an emotion, that I feel digs a little deeper and I think this love of stories is why I particularly enjoy photographing children and families and newborn babies. There is such a wonderful sense of time when photographing the little ones – time flying by as they grow by the day but also an almost timeless bubble of love in those magical early few days where love and exhaustion mingle into an atmosphere of wonder. A day or two later and the little ones will have changed so much, grown so much. Taking pictures that record how tiny and new they are and the very beginnings of their relationships with their parents and siblings is a true privilege and one of the reasons I love my job so much.

I always really enjoy it when there are older siblings involved in the photo shoot. Older siblings add a layer of unpredictability when photographing newborns (it’s a big week for them with lots of changes) but also a layer of wonder as I watch those first sibling bonds being formed. I can photograph the love and tenderness that, to start with goes hand in hand with trepidation and that will grow to feelings of friendship and love that will be with them for the whole of their lives. Maybe it’s being the youngest of four children but I think recording sibling relationships is one of the most interesting and rewarding elements of my job.

I had the most fantastic time photographing Robbie and his family in Bromley in Kent. The newborn and family photography session was originally scheduled for tomorrow but baby Cillian decided to arrive early and so we moved the photo shoot forward. I’m always as flexible as possible with newborn photo shoots as the little ones often arrive early or late and it’s so lovely to photograph them in those first few days when they are so tiny and new.

Arriving early it was soon clear that we would need a bit of time for the older children to get used to me and so we started our morning with a brilliant run around at the local park. I’m always very aware of older siblings moods in what is a very eventful week for them and it was great how the moment we stepped outside the children relaxed and enjoyed being in front of the camera.

By the time we got home for some indoor pictures and for Cillian to be star of the show everyone was completely comfortable around the camera. I always like to be flexible in my approach on all my photo shoots as a bit of patience always gets fantastic results. This shot of Saoirse and her baby brother, taken near the end of our session, is one of my favorites. Cillian was sleeping so deeply after our walk outdoors and is so comfy and snuggly on his parents bed. Saoirse is so incredibly gentle with her little brother and you can see the love in this picture and also the tranquility of this beautiful moment between siblings on our newborn and family photo shoot.

I hope you like this picture, if you would like to arrange your own photo shoot then do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

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