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Newborn Photography in London Fields, Hackney E8


I absolutely love this picture from a newborn session in London Fields, East London this week. I always really look forward to newborn portrait photography sessions as they are such an incredible experience. It’s amazing being around all the intense feelings – the love and wonder – that new parents feel in those first few weeks. I feel it’s such a privilege to be able to record this time for the families who book my newborn portrait photography services.

I was really looking forward to this session as Mum and I had spoken on the phone and the family sounded so lovely, really laid back and fun and with a great sense of humour. I knew we would have a great time and we most certainly did.

We spent a lovely morning taking newborn portrait photographs both in the flat and on nearby London Fields, a park I hadn’t visited before and a great outdoor space in the centre of Hackney. It feels wonderful that spring is in the air now and daffodils are beginning to pop up everywhere and blossom is budding on the trees. London in the spring is wonderful and I love to incorporate the changing seasons into my photographs.

Today’s Just One, a real favourite from the session, was taken indoors. I love this picture and even as I took it I knew it would be a favourite from the day. Everything has come together so well. The incredible back-lighting from the french windows give this wonderful dramatic rim lighting but the light background and Dad’s shirt ensuring that the overall image still has a very light and airy feel. The light was perfect for a newborn photograph, it feels so full of sunshine and happiness.

I absolutely love the expressions, Baby E snoozing so happily in his daddy’s arms and Dad looking down at him with such pure and absolute love. It’s wonderful. But it’s Mum’s expression that pulls the picture together for me, that joy and happiness as she laughs up at her husband while maintaining that connection with her baby son, her chin softly touching his forehead while her hand gently strokes his tummy. It’s so tender, so loving and so full of laughter which seems to sum up this wonderful family so well – love and laughter, who could ask for more?

I do hope you like this picture, today’s Just One from my recent newborn photography session in London Fields, Hackney in East London.

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