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Newborn Photography South London – Just One


There is so much laughter in my job – photographing families and children is such a wonderful experience, so full of joy – and this was definitely the case when I photographed Chloe and her lovely family in Lee in South London this week. I was really looking forward to our session, to photograph Chloe’s newborn twins, as I had photographed Chloe’s sister and her family (also with a newborn as well as older siblings) back in October. I knew I was going to have a brilliant time.

We had such a fun morning; the twins were on great form, alert for most of the session and enjoying paying with their parents. Chloe’s house was amazing with lovely light filled rooms and the biggest Christmas Tree I’ve ever seen which we had to make use of in a few pictures to really mark the time of year. We even managed to get outside for a bit as the weather was warm and we had beautiful low winter light for some family portraits in Manor House Gardens.

It’s been hard choosing an image for my Just One, as there are so many that I love but I kept coming back to this one as it makes me laugh so much. I love a cute sleeping newborn baby photograph but I also love pictures like this where personality comes shining through and the emotions – joy, love, laughter, happiness, wonder – are so clear to see.

Moments like this can’t be posed, I couldn’t have thought this up if I’d tried, they just happen and this makes the photographs all the better, real moments preserved forever. I love all the different elements, this hilarity of what’s happening with this little one trying so hard to eat his daddy’s nose. I love Josh’s expression, so happy with his tiny son. I love the sense of scale, particularly from their respective hands, Josh’s cradling his baby’s head and in return, those tiny hands stroking his daddy’s cheek.

It’s a picture that I hope will, in the future, transport Chloe and Josh back to these early days with their new family, and for the little ones, a picture that will make them laugh out loud and that they will be proud to have on the wall as they grow up.

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