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North London Baby Photography – Just One


I’m lucky enough to meet a lot of incredibly cute babies in the course of my work and Raiya is definitely up there among the cutest, a delightful smile and so full of laughter for our baby and family photography session in North London.

When I arrived Raiya had just finished feeding and was raring to go, clearly delighted to meet a new person and very keen to chat. I love how friendly babies are; always keen to welcome a stranger with a massive smile. I thought it would be lovely to share this smile today in my ‘Just One’ blog post as it feels appropriate to this beautiful sunny afternoon.

I do love a classic portrait and I feel that this kind of image will have a place on the wall in the family home for many years to come. It will never date or go ‘out of fashion’, it’s simplicity is it’s strength with the technicalities all working unobtrusively so the focus is all on Raiya’s fabulous expression. The grey background works beautifully here giving a lovely softness to the portrait while the use of a macro lens also brings a lot to this picture allowing a shallow depth of field with the pin sharp detail on Raiya’s eyes contrasting with the softness of her hair as the focus drops off towards the background. I love this effect and feel it really adds to the charm of this picture.

There are so many other great pictures from this baby and family photography session in North London – outdoor photographs from our walk in Alexandra Palace and more pictures from indoors including some lovely Christmas shots with the tree and Raiya’s first stocking. It’s great to get variety to a family’s photographs and mixing indoor and outdoor pictures is a lovely way to achieve this.

I’ll share some more soon, but in the meantime I hope you like this picture, today’s Just One from our baby and family photography session in North London.

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