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‘Once upon a time there were four little rabbits and their names were – Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-Tail and Peter…’ Who doesn’t love the tales of Beatrix Potter and is there anything cuter than this lovely photograph of Iris reading the story to her new baby brother Theo? I say reading of course, but, like many little ones, she has memorized the stories – all the better to astonish visiting photographers with her incredible reading skills. Reading or remembering, it’s wonderful to watch little ones so immersed in books, so entranced by stories and so keen to share their love of these magical worlds with others.

I had such a wonderful time for this North London newborn baby, toddler and family session and it was fantastic to be working so close to where I live, it’s a rare treat for me to have a photo shoot within walking distance of my Crouch End home. It was even more of a treat as this was my second session with the family so I knew we would have a brilliant time.

Photographing newborn babies with their older siblings is always a challenge, it’s such a momentous time for toddlers, they are growing so fast themselves and then this new little person arrives to share mummy and daddy. I love taking pictures that capture these early moments as their relationships begin to form – moments of tenderness and sometimes wariness, moments where you can see the love and the family roles falling into place, little Theo already looking at his big sister like she is the most amazing person in the world and Iris already in charge, explaining how things will be and sharing her stories with her little brother.

I love to capture these natural moments, real interactions rather than very posed and staged shots as I truly believe that these will be the pictures the children will love when they are adults. Images the can laugh at together and that will remind them of childhood. I love how, in this picture, Nicholette’s skirt is visible below Theo who is so comfortably resting on her legs, it’s such a true to life moment with the children draped over their mum, snuggled in using their parent as a cushion – support, comfort and love all rolled into one.

I hope that Theo continues to enjoy books as much as his older sister as he grows up and maybe next time I visit they will reading together, sharing more stories as they share their childhood with the wonderful bond of siblings.

I do hope you enjoy this natural documentary newborn photograph from my recent north London family photography session, do check back soon for some more pictures from this session and from many others.

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