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Notting Hill Family Photography with Tennis


It’s always a highlight of my year to visit Emma at her beautiful Notting Hill home for our annual children’s and family photo shoot. This year was just as much fun as I expected, we had a brilliant morning together, and I think the pictures are our best set yet. There are beautiful portraits of both the girls, lots of fun family photos and brilliant pictures of everyone having fun together. Working to provide my clients with a really interesting and varied set of images, year on year is one of the most fun parts of my job.

We had a brilliant time taking family photographs in the stunning garden square opposite Emma’s beautiful Notting Hill townhouse, it’s such a great location for family portraits and has a brilliant playground as well as lots of greenery and thick bushes perfect for hide and seek. The girls loved hiding, preferred not to be found but were also brilliant seekers finding my cunning hiding places much faster than I expected, perhaps the clicking of my shutter gave me away!

At the end of the session we jumped in the car as the girls had tennis lessons and we thought it would be lovely to get some shots of them playing as this is the sport that they have really started to love this year. It’s such fun to photograph the children’s hobbies, and who knows, if either girl is a future winner of Wimbledon we will have these pictures to look back on. I’m sharing one of each today, a Just Two as I love both the images, they are such fun pictures, each showing such personality.

Above, the image of Hannah is full of personality, raucous laughter as she enjoys the game. Hannah chatted all the way through her lesson, a running commentary that kept her instructor and I in stitches. She has perfect comic timing and is so much fun. I love how the joy just radiates off Hannah as she clutches her racket, guffawing at her missed shot, a smile to light a room.

The picture of Rosalind is so different yet also shows the essence of her personality. The photograph captures the intensity of her concentration as she returns her forehand drive. Her eye is fixed on the ball and we can feel the movement as her arm swings past her head, driving through to the end of the shot. There is a focus to her play that makes me think she will go far, clearly loving her lessons and returning shot after shot as I worked the light for the best picture.

I do hope you like these pictures, a sneak preview of my recent children’s and family portrait photography session in Notting Hill in West London. Autumn sessions are booking up fast and if you would like to arrange a photo shoot for your family in the run up to Christmas then do get in touch and we can get that booked into the diary.

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