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Portrait Photography with Teenage Siblings – Just One – Joanna


This was my eleventh photo shoot for Joanna, I’ve been photographing the family in and around Kensington since 2005 and I always look forward to our annual photo shoot.

This year we headed to Holland Park for our family photographs, a place I know very well and have always loved. It’s always a pleasure to see the family again and to hear what they are up to – there are always wonderful tales of their summerhouse in France and what the children have been getting up to. I love to hear about school and their favourite subjects, which ones change from year to year and which stay the same as time goes by. It’s such an interesting time, that move from childhood into the teenage years and it’s hard to believe that I first met Julian when he was just five days old, now he’s choosing secondary schools and Lauren is going into GCSE’s. This last ten years really has flown by.

It’s always a pleasure to see the kids again and I love how the portrait photographs have changed and developed over the years. I must do a blog post with our Christmas card shots from 2005 onwards, that would be really interesting, but in the meantime I thought I’d share this year’s favourite of the three children together, a lovely shot of all of them and one I’m very pleased with. I hope you like it, today’s just one from a recent family photo shoot in Holland Park.

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