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Primrose Hill Family Photography – Just One – Laszlo


This was my fifth shoot with Laszlo and one that I had been looking forward to all year. It’s my favourite thing about the autumn, seeing so many regular clients to update their pictures in time for Christmas and each year Elke thinks of great locations to get really lovely pictures – usually locations that I don’t visit often which makes it particularly good fun for me as I love to work in new places.

This year we went to Primrose Hill for our photos which is a spot I’ve been to a number of times but not somewhere I’d say I know well, this was great as we got to explore together, finding different things and enjoying a prolonged game of pirates (those fallen logs make such good pirate ships). We went from log to log singing our pirate tunes and looking out for sharks and smugglers, it was great fun.

We were incredibly lucky with the light, it was a beautiful day with crepuscular rays streaming down over London. You couldn’t have asked for more.

Today’s Just One really made me laugh as soon as I saw it – Laszlo has the most wonderful expressive face and his laugh is infectious. He had a new coat with this brilliant hood, which he was so pleased with, putting it up a lot during the shoot. It looked wonderful.

As soon as I saw it I thought I wanted to get a really good close up that made a feature of the fabulous textures of the fur – something really graphic that worked well as a portrait. When we had found a good spot with great light I asked Laszlo to put his hood up and as we were chatting and laughing I took a number of shots with different expressions. I often do this, as I know that variations can look wonderful when displayed together in a frame or an album. This image is one of my favourites, Laszlo roaring with laughter at something his dad has said and his smile just lighting up the picture.

I’m thrilled with this portrait photograph from our shoot on Primrose Hill and I look forward to sharing some other images with you soon.

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