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Queens Park Family Photography – Just One – Chris


I absolutely love the autumn and always enjoy getting out and about for family photo shoots as the seasons turn and we move towards winter. Every dry day feels like a gift and the wonderful weather we have been having recently has meant it’s been a brilliant half term to be out and about taking family photographs. It was a gorgeous day for my photo shoot with Chris and her grandchildren in Queens Park in London with low autumn sunlight and warm enough at times for the children to run around without coats.

This picture, today’s just one really summed up the morning, the exuberance and joy of the girls playing in the leaves – it was a morning full of laughter even though the girls had been very shy when I first arrived. It’s amazing what a bit of time on the swings and then playing some games will do – a child too shy to come out of their room when I arrived was holding my hand happily not long into the shoot, excited to show me their favourite bits of the park. It’s one of the great things about having a whole morning for a photo shoot and why I always recommend an early start – if a child is shy we have plenty of time to get to know each other so there is no pressure on anyone and we always end up having a brilliant time.

This shot was taken as we played in the leaves in the beautiful Queens Park. It’s not a park I know particularly well having only been a few times but I love it, there is so much variety in such a small space and we had such a great time – they even have a petting zoo, how cool is that?

I love the expressions on the girls faces as they toss the leaves and how each girl is in perfect symmetry – arms stretched out, arms stretched up, and with the biggest grins on their faces. I love how the leaves are falling in abundance. You can feel the energy – you can feel the laughter. I love it and I I hope you do too – this image from my recent family photography session in Queens Park in London.

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