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Relaxed and Fun Family Portrait Photography in Wimbledon


Family photo shoots are always such great fun. They are fun for the children, fun for the parents, and fun for me and, because of this lovely relaxed experience, we end up with beautiful pictures that show the joy and laughter of family life.

I had the most wonderful time in Wimbledon recently photographing Vathany and her family. Vathany had been given my name by one of my all time favourite clients and I was so excited to meet her, I knew we were going to have a great time. And what a fantastic time we had – a morning spent out and about on Wimbledon Common, we explored the beautiful gardens at Canizaro House and then headed back home for some pictures with the children’s grandparents. I was even asked to stay for a fabulous lunch – I really do have the most wonderful job in the world.

We had such a great time and the girls were an absolute joy to photograph. I love how each family will have their own games – we spent a lot of time searching for emeralds and playing queens and princesses. I loved my role as royal photographer although I admit to being a little less successful in my mining efforts as I didn’t find any precious jewels, I wont quit my day job just yet!

When I have such wonderful family photo shoots it can be hard to choose a single image for my sneak peeks but I do love the process, looking for an image that speaks straight to my heart, an image that might make me laugh out loud like this one does. It’s so interesting selecting a single photograph from each photo shoot to put up on the blog so that each of the lovely families I visit gets a sneak peek before their viewing session.

I chose this picture because I absolutely love how happy everyone is. It’s a portrait of Leyla but one that shows her within the context of her family. Leyla was so incredibly excited to be Mr Wolf and the look of absolute glee is so wonderful, I could look at this picture all day and I know I would be smiling all the time, you can’t not smile at such an infectious grin.

I love how happy everyone else is too, sneaking up on Leyla, aware of the impending cry of ‘Dinner Time’ and caught in the moment of this fabulous fun game, I do think the old games are definitely the best games. It’s a lovely family moment and a beautiful portrait of this wonderful little girl.

I look forward to sharing more images from this family shoot in Wimbledon in the future, in the meantime I hope you enjoy today’s Just One. If this is the kind of picture you would like of your own family – an image that captures personality and the joy and happiness of family life then do get in touch, I’d love to hear form you.

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