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Just One – Cole – beautiful newborn photography in Shad Thames, London


I love this tender moment from my newborn baby and family photography session with Sara and her family in Shad Thames, Central London this week. It’s such a cute picture that really captures both how tiny little Cole is, and also his connection with his mother. Newborn baby photography is such an incredible priviledge for me as a child and family photographer – to share these special first days with families as they get to know their tiny baby is a really precious thing. I feel so lucky whenever I get a chance to share these early moments and take pictures that I know my cilents will treasure for years to come.

There are so many elements to this picture that I really love. I love the simplicity of the composition – it only has a few elements, with Cole’s tiny hand and his mother’s hand with its tender hold and such a feeling of connection. Cole is looking straight up at his mother, whilst holding on gently. I also love the light on the image, with Cole’s face illuminated and the beautiful soft side light on Sara’s hand giving it such shape and definition with the soft modelling of the light and shadow. I love the texture of the background – soft but interesting, immediately situating the image out of the studio and into the home, it gives just enough detail to make it interesting without distracting from the main subject of the picture. Everything has come together to make a newborn photograph that I am really proud of.

It’s such a peaceful image, such a quiet image and one that I’m thrilled with. I do hope you enjoy this beautiful newborn baby photograph from our newborn baby and family photography session in Shad Thames, Central London and I look forward to sharing some more images from our shoot together on the blog soon.

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