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Just One – Claire, Doc and Grumpy – children’s photographer in Croydon, South London


Today’s ‘Just One’ preview image is from a recent children’s and family photo shoot in Croydon, South London. I’ve been lucky enough to photograph Helen and her family three times now, and I was thrilled to be asked if I could fit them in while they were back in the UK from their new home in Switzerland and staying with Helen’s father in Croydon. Of course, I jumped at the chance – I love to see how my families are getting on, to see how the children have grown and catch up with all the interesting things going on in their lives.

This picture is a quiet picture, but a picture that I love and a picture that I waited for. After a rather rainy walk in the woods, we had come home and the girls were playing quietly before lunch. The children’s old bedroom had the most incredible Snow White mural around the wall and I immediately wondered if I could get it into a picture. When Claire started to play with a doll, I knew I might capture something really special that incorporated the elements of the child, her toy, and the incredible painting. Claire put her doll down for a little rest and I waited for this moment when she is looking down at her ‘baby’, soothing her with a quiet word and a tender hand, and Snow White’s dwarf Doc singing a lullaby.

I couldn’t have set this shot up if I had tried, all the elements came together in one – the lovely light on Claire really bringing her out as the subject and then the lovely leading lines of the pale elements of the picture; Claire, Doc, the blanket, and Grumpy’s beard pointing straight back to Claire. We also have Claire’s eyes on the baby, and Doc’s eyes on the baby. It all fits together so well and it’s a picture that captures this moment in time so well – it wont be long before Claire will be too old for dolls and the walls will probably be replaced by posters. It’s wonderful to capture this moment and I hope Claire loves this picture when she grows up.

I’m thrilled with this ‘Just One’ preview image from our children and family photo shoot in Croydon, South London and I hope you enjoy it too.

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