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Just One – Alexander – Southwark Cathedral blessing


I love today’s ‘Just One’ preview image – a beautiful, joyous image of Alexander at his blessing at Southwark Cathedral in London this weekend.

I love photographing blessings and christenings – there is something about the combination of such a wonderful, yet serious, occasion. A family coming together to welcome a child into the church, for friends and family to stand together and pledge their support for a child as they grow up, and then the fun that anything involving small children involves.

At occasions like this, children love the fact they are surrounded by so many happy and doting adults – and adults that they can play with! This shot was from the end of the ceremony as everyone was gathering to head to the Savoy hotel for the reception, and Alexander was laughing with his daddy and other friends. I love the joy on his face and the alter cloth in the background anchoring this image at the Cathedral, placing this picture in the context of his blessing. It’s an image of such a lovely, cheerful little boy on a very special day.

I hope you like this picture, today’s ‘Just One’ preview image from Alexander’s blessing at Southwark Cathedral in London.

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