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Just One – Poppy – springtime children’s portrait photography


I love this springtime photograph of Poppy, a lovely example of my creative children’s portrait photography.

I’ve been photographing Poppy since she was born and it’s been such a privilege seeing this beautiful young lady grow from a tiny newborn to a giggling toddler, and now seeming so grown up as we discuss the important matters of the day – ‘how long should socks be?’ and ‘which is the best Lemony Snickett book?’ It’s a wide knowledge bank that I need for this job!

Today’s Just One preview was photographed in the lovely RHS Wisley Gardens near Guildford in Surrey, which we had visited for a fun family morning and a children’s portrait photography session. It’s a long time since I have visited Wisley, but the family are members and the children were soon off and running around as soon as we arrived. They were keen to show me their favourite places including the best hills to roll down, the best trees to swing on, and the all important pirate mound – the best place for assessing distances to the different cafés, and the relative time it would take to get to an ice-cream.

This photograph was taken in the orchard; as we turned the corner, I saw at once that there was brilliant potential for a picture, with the trees stretching back in lines up towards the crest of the hill, the blossom just coming out, and the heady scent catching in the wind. It was idyllic.

Poppy went to smell the flowers and I saw the picture I wanted, dropping down to the ground to get a good angle. I wanted to capture a real feel for the shape and scale of the trees, and ensure a good separation between the background and Poppy, almost a silhouette in shape but retaining the detail in her face and her clothes. It worked brilliantly, just what I was after – a beautifully composed, creative photographic portrait of Poppy shot on location at one of the family’s favourites places to visit in Surrey.

If you like enjoyed children’s portrait and would be interested in arranging photo shoot for your own family, please contact us to book a session – we have some last-minute availability during the May half-term holiday next week and also later in the summer, and we’d love to hear from you.

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