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Summer Photo Shoot with Twins


A Sneak Peek from a Recent Family Photo Shoot in West London

I’m thrilled to be sharing a picture from a recent family photography session in West London.  This was my third time photographing these wonderful twin girls and each session has been better than the last.  We first met when they were tiny newborns, snuggled together just a few days old.  Then to celebrate their first birthday as they clutched balloons and began to walk. Now they are two they are even more fun; such wonderful characters with brilliant, bubbly personalities.  This time the only problem was being able to take photographs with both girls wanting to hold my hands at the same time which makes holding a camera difficult. There really isn’t a better problem to have though, it was such a joy to spend the morning with them.

We visited one of West London’s beautiful parks for the main part of our session.  We explored different areas and played hide and seek in the trees.  The girls adored the bubbles that their parents had bought, and the bright sunlight meant I could produce really striking images as they played happily together. Then it was off to visit the grandparents for the second half of the session – it’s lovely to do a few different things during a photo shoot and visit some different locations, it adds wonderful variety to the images and means even more memories are recorded for the children to look back on.

It’s been so difficult choosing a Just One as there are so many imagesI love from this shoot, but this picture really caught my eye.  I feel it sums up this wonderful family so much as it’s so full of laughter.

I love how everyone is connected.  How Neda’s hands around her daughter and then her hands in turn on her daddy’s chest. How Saj’s arms mirror them, holding both his daughters in this loving embrace.

It’s the expression though that make it. The two girls looking out at the camera and their parents looking at them both and laughing, everyone so happy together as a family.

I hope you like this picture as much as I do.  If you are keen to find out more then do visit my family photography page or take a look at some recent occasions where my work has been featured in the press. I’m taking bookings for the summer and also the autumn so if you are keen to arrange a photo shoot this summer then do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.