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Just One – children’s photographer in Wimbledon


Today’s ‘Just One’ is a single image from a recent children’s and family photo session taken on location in Wimbledon, South London. It’s an image that I particularly like and so I’m really pleased to share it with you on the blog today.

This was my second session photographing Elsie, who I last saw when she was only a baby – I remember photographing Elsie taking tentative early steps and being caught by her mother Alex, a series of pictures that I’ve always loved. Having been photographing families for over ten years, I used to think that I would forget the details of past shoots, but that has never been the case. I tend to remember things well – sometimes not the names but the pictures, the activities and the laughter. I remember we had a brilliant time during our last shoot and so I was really pleased to be visiting the family again, and this time meeting Elsie’s younger sister, Molly, too.

I was expecting to have a wonderful time and we did – one of those lovely mornings when everything falls into place, and it even stopped raining later in the morning so that we could head outdoors and take some pictures on Wimbledon Common.

With the weather threatening, we started our shoot indoors in Alex’s wonderful home, with I think possibly the most beautiful kitchen extension I have ever seen, just wonderful. It was also a great house for photography as it’s flooded with natural light and also has lots of places to explore (and hide when playing a game of sardines as you will see in the full blog post coming soon).

This shot was taken before we started to hide, when the girls were sitting in the window whilst we were all chatting and I was hearing about their Easter holidays. I thought it was a lovely moment, with the children smiling at each other and both holding their favourite stuffed animals. These toys are obviously very important to the girls and definitely to be included in the shot, and yet one bunny is completely upside-down. It’s these little details that I love so much in children’s portraits.

I’m thrilled with this picture, and I hope you like it too.

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