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Just One – children’s and family photography in Woking, Surrey


I’ve been lucky enough to have been photographing Sam and her wonderful family in Woking, Surrey for a number of years now – visiting every couple of years to record how the boys are growing up, their interests and achievements and the joy they all have spending time together as a family. They are shoots that I always really look forward to and it was a real pleasure to travel to Woking in Surrey for our recent children and family portrait photography session.

As you can imagine, I am loving this heat wave. While it can get very hot in the middle of the day, by starting my photos sessions nice and early, it means we are up and about before it gets too hot.

And then when it does heat-up, there is always water to play with! I love water on my photo shoots – pools, hoses, water pistols, buckets, anything that makes the children laugh and gives me some really interesting things to work with in terms of light and pattern. It’s challenging (and I often get very wet) taking pictures of children playing in water, but it’s something that I love to do as it makes for such joyous children and family portrait photography.

Sam and the boys had the most incredible inflatable water slide – it was absolutely astonishing – and because you can plug it into the mains, it was very quick to inflate. The boys had such fun – running round it, over the top , through, climbing up, sliding down and playing chase.

I love today’s ‘Just One’ preview image of Mark pushing the boys down the slide together – it’s the movement of his arms, the movement of the boys through the water, the tangle of arms and legs and the laughing happy faces of the boys. It is, for me, a perfect sibling shot – so typical of fun days in the sun and the never-ending summer holidays stretching ahead of us.

I do hope you enjoy this ‘Just One’ preview image, one of my favourite pictures from our children’s and family portrait photography session in Woking, Surrey.

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