Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Bromley Camera Club talk


Last night I had the pleasure of speaking on the subject of Children’s portraiture to the Bromley Camera Club.

It was a fantastic evening. I was talking about the development of portraiture from Roman times and how it is tied into contemporary views of childhood itself. It is a facinating subject and the more I read up on it as I prepared the talk the more I want to know.

We also looked at the link between photography and memory which is something I feel is integral to my work – the pictures that I take now capture those moments that the children will remember when they are older. For example, the next post down in the blog of a boy playing in the snow – when he sees those pictures as an adult he wont remember the photographer, just the fun he had playing in the snow with his family. This is the real power of children’s portraiture.

It is facinating stuff and I might write more about this on the blog in the future.

For now, here is one shot of me in mid talk taken by the lovely Tom http://www.catchesides.co.uk

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