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MYVISION workshop in Guernsey


And now for something completely different… (yes, I am a Monty Python fan!)

This week sees a change from visiting families to capture portrait photographs, as I shall be participating in the amazing MYVISION workshop in Guernsey.

This is the third year that the workshop has taken place and I'm thrilled that it will be my third year taking part, as it is one of the most amazing photographic experiences that I have ever had.

The premise of the workshop is a group of dedicated professional photographers (both wedding and portrait photographers) pushing themselves to take the very best imagery, to push the boundaries of both their art and their technical skills, to learn enormous amounts and to support each other so that together we can take the industry to new heights of excellence. It is a documentary photography workshop so nothing is posed, and we have to work hard – outside of our comfort zones – to produce the very best imagery we can.

Before we arrive, we do not know what will await us – apart from the usual lack of sleep, long days, hard work, laughter, tears and a sense of camaraderie second to none. We only discover on Monday morning what we shall be photographing for the next two days, and Kate will update our new Facebook page with the details of my assignment.

Wherever I am assigned, I shall be photographing in Guernsey for two days and who knows what the project will be – last year, I was at a butchers and the year before, a piercing parlour! In previous years, other participants have been to assigned such diverse places as an animal sanctuary, an all night-bakers, the Newhaven to Dieppe ferry and a student bus.

You can also follow the workshop through the MYVISION Facebook page and also the Twitter feed, @MyVisionWkshop.

Wish me luck…. I will post some photos when I return.

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