Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

What's in a name?


Unfortunately quite a lot at the moment if you are my friend and fellow photographer David Calvert.

David has just discovered this in light of the recent stories run in the daily papers suggesting that Jon Venables (who was convicted of murdering James Bulger) was going by the name of David Calvert. Since then David�s photography site has had over 50,000 hits. Normally we�d be thrilled that his site is so popular, but at the moment he is obviously very concerned.

As his colleagues we are doing all we can to help David disassociate himself from this dreadful story.

David, 46, is a national award winning photographer and his business David Calvert Photography, based in Hertfordshire, specialises in family and child portraiture. David has our complete support in these difficult circumstances and we hope very much that they pass without impact to him, his own family or his business.

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