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My inspiration – my Dad’s photographs of my childhood – William’s hovercraft


Today’s blog post continues my monthly exploration of my father’s photographs of my own childhood, which are pictures that have inspired me and shaped the photographer I have become over the years.

Each photograph has elements that I try to incorporate into my work each and every day. This picture is all about the light – I absolutely love the light. It’s also about a moment in time and about my brother William’s skill and tenacity building a hovercraft for his GCSE technology. Admittedly, the hovercraft had a design flaw which meant that it didn’t work, but at least William discovered that before he destroyed it in an abortive trip across the boating pond.

I think this shot is great as it captures the scale of the project – it takes up the whole of the dining room table with so many intricate elements, it was quite a build. I love how the delicate side light picks up on all the details, really emphasising the shape of the craft. I also love how William is so beautifully lit as he carries on with his work, oblivious to Dad taking photographs in the corner. A picture of William looking up proudly would have had its place as a record shot, but this shot has longevity and staying power as it’s unobtrusive – a moment documented and by doing so quietly, from the sidelines, Dad tells us so much more about his son.

With its beautiful light and wonderful tones, it is a great photograph. It also really captures William’s personality and what he has achieved at this time – I love it and I hope you will, too.

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