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Belgravia Newborn Photography


A newborn photo shoot in beautiful Belgravia

I was so pleased to be able to fit in this wonderful photoshoot, a lovely newborn and family photography session in Belgravia. It was a last-minute booking and with a bit of juggling, and an early return from a couple of days off, we were able to get together to take some beautiful newborn photographs.  While many of my sessions are booked weeks and months in advance, it’s always worth getting in touch for last minute bookings, I’ll always try to fit people in where I can.

Relaxed newborn photographs at home

I’ve always loved doing newborn photography sessions in people’s homes and this was an aspect of my style which really appealed here.  Having everything to hand makes such a difference and it also means that the little ones can keep to any routines or, as was needed on this shoot, we can always take a very quick break if the midwife or health visitor needs to do their rounds.  We’re so lucky here in the UK that we get these visits to check our tiny babies and it’s not a problem if we have to stop a photography session for ten minutes so a little one can be weighed.

Doing the session at home also meant that my tiny subject’s older brother was able to join the photo shoot when he wanted to but also had the freedom to go and play with his toys when I was photographing the baby alone. This works well for newborn sessions with older siblings as it’s an overwhelming time for them and sometimes they want to be involved in the photos and sometimes they just want ten minutes to do some colouring or play with their toy cars. Working in client’s homes means we can do this so easily.

Finding the light for our newborn photography session in Belgravia

The baby’s room had lovely light for our session with a bed right up next to the window and also some soft white blinds which we could use to create a lovely plain background for some backlit shots.

Using the bed for the main part of our session gave us beautiful window light for stunning portraits of both boys as well as a lovely safe environment for them to play. It was lovely to see what a gentle big brother he was and how the little one just gazed up at him adoringly at all times.

Beautiful portraits of mother and baby

As well as portraits of the children then I wanted to take some portraits of mum and baby together and having such a beautiful and photogenic subject made this an absolute joy.

Using the light in different ways meant we could get some lovely and distinctive portraits which really show the tender relationship of these wonderful early days.

Outdoor newborn photography in Belgrave Square

We finished our newborn photography session in Belgravia with a short walk to nearby Belgrave Square for some lovely outdoor shots. I always like to include some outdoor pictures where I can as they add a lovely variety to the session and have such a different feel to indoor pictures.

It’s also always good to get outside if we have older children in the sessions as it gives them a chance to run around and play and that always results in beautiful pictures full of joy and personality.

Book your newborn session now

I’m so glad to have been booked for this newborn photo shoot in Belgravia.  If you like what you see here and would like to book your own newborn photo shoot then do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you and to plan the perfect photo shoot for your family.

See my newborn photography page for more information.