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Creative Newborn Photography


Looking for Connection and Creating Beautiful Memories

I’m photographing a lot of newborns at the moment and it’s always such a pleasure to photograph families as they welcome their newest member.  Over the years I’ve worked hard to find my own style of photographing newborns – avoiding the poses and props that are so common at the moment.  Those styled shots are beautiful in their own way but I’m looking for something different, something deeper and, to me, more meaningful.

My aim with my newborn photography is to transport my clients back to that moment in time, to those early days where everything was so new and so they can look back and reminisce about how exciting it was, how tired they were, how tiny their baby was and that feeling of overwhelming love that is so wonderful to behold when taking these pictures.

It’s also such fun for me to photograph in my client’s homes.  I want the pictures to have a  sense of place, where the family was at this time of their lives.  I like to incorporate elements that make their house a home.

This picture, a favourite from a recent session was taken through a feature mirror in the main living area.  I love the shapes and graphic patterns it creates and how, as well as our main subject, we have all the little details, the welcome to the world cards on the window sill – ‘Hello little One’ says it all.

It’s the expression and interaction that I love most though.  Jon looking down at his tiny daughter as he settles her after a feed. The light skims across her beautiful features as she lies in his arms, it’s such a tender moment and such a real moment and one that happens so many times each day in these early weeks.

Emotion connection, graphics, light, and creative composition.  For me, this newborn photograph has it all; a natural moment photographed in a beautiful way.  I hope you like it too.  If you are interested in booking your own newborn session and would like to know more about my creative newborn photography then do take a look at the newborn photography in London page on the website or my guide to newborn photography in the home.  I hope you will find them useful.