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Newborn baby and family photography in Crouch End, London N8


I love photographing newborn babies and their families, and I love Crouch End, my new North London home. I was thrilled when Antonia asked me to visit her family and photograph their beautiful newborn daughter Ava just a week before I moved to the area in North London.

There is something so magical about a newborn photo shoot – there is such an incredible amount of love and wonder in the air as parents exchange giggling glances throughout the shoot: look what we did! Isn’t this incredible! Our daughter is amazing! It’s a real pleasure to be around and I always leave a newborn and family photography session feeling a real buzz from being around such fabulous emotions. It’s a special time and no mistake.

Ava was a wonderful baby to photograph – so alert, she spent almost the entire photo session awake, looking around, and making lots of happy little noises – chatting away to us as only a tiny baby can. It really was a joy to behold.

We were so lucky that the weather was warming-up so we went outdoors for a few pictures too – the first time I have been able to do that with a newborn baby this year. The light was incredible in Antonia and Ross’ Crouch End garden and provided a magical setting for some newborn and family photographs. As a photographer I love working with interesting light and really enjoyed taking these newborn and family photographs.

We then headed back indoors for some more family shots and pictures of Ava on her own. We worked in different rooms throughout the house to maximise the variety of images. I also like to incorporate the environment as much as I can in my photo shoots, as this allows me to produce pictures that are unique to each family and will bring back memories of the time and the house as well as of the special moments with the family. Sometimes it’s the little things that bring back memories as we get older – the squidy sofa, the lamp or vase on the mantelpiece – and it’s nice to include some of these elements in pictures.

We had a great morning together and I’m so thrilled with the pictures from our newborn and family photo shoot in Crouch End, North London N8. I do hope you will enjoy them.

If you would like me to visit and capture some pictures of your own family, please contact us – we would be delighted to hear from you.

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