Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Newborn baby and family photo shoot in Putney, South London


I had an amazing time this week with Katie and Steve taking some relaxed portrait photographs of their newborn baby Samuel and and his older brother Aidan at their home in Putney, South London.

Aidan was incredibly entertaining, as he has learnt to copy each word you say. Obviously I tried to teach him some really good new words: "say Velociraptor, Aidan…"

We started the morning with some relaxed family pictures before Aidan had to leave us to go to nursery – it's such a busy life being a small person! We then continued with some individual portraits of Samuel by himself, and also with Katie and Steve to record this amazing time.

I hope you enjoy this selection of photographs from our newborn and family photo shoot in Putney, South London.

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