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Mother and Baby Portrait in Monochrome


A Stunning Picture from a Recent Newborn Session

2020 has been a very busy year so far for newborn photography sessions and I was thrilled to visit North London recently to photograph this beautiful newborn baby girl and her family.  It’s always such a privilege to meet families at such a special time, to be welcomed into their home and to take pictures like this one that I know will be treasured forever.

These early days fly by so fast and babies grow so quickly. I always find it amazing to think that by the time I have processed the pictures from a newborn shoot the baby will have grown. The power of photography to freeze a moment in time is incredible and having pictures that transport you back to your child’s first weeks at home is a wonderful thing to have.

I love this shot as, in a single frame, it tells such a story.  Mum and daughter are so close and so tranquil, completely in their own world and oblivious to the camera.  You can see the love on her face as she breaths in her beautiful baby girl, it’s a tenderness and love beyond compare.

I love how the little one is holding her mum’s finger, lightly but securely and that gives us such a sense of scale, we really see how small those tiny fingers are as they hold tightly to her mum’s finger and her mum holds them back, lightly, tenderly, it’s a beautiful moment.

Monochrome is perfect for moments like this.  The timelessness of black and white photography means that this newborn photograph will not date, it will look as perfect in fifty years’ time as it does today.

This picture is everything I look for in a newborn portrait and I hope that you will like it as much as I do.  If you are interested in finding out more about my newborn photography then do take a look at the main newborn page on the website where you will find more information and a gallery of some of my favourite pictures.  Then drop me a message via the contact form or give me a call on 0345 603 1373 and we can get your session in the diary.