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Natural Newborn Baby Photography


I was thrilled to meet baby Alexander at less than a week old for our lovely new born baby and family photo shoot in Cambridge. I’ve known Emma and Luca for years. We studied for our MPhil’s in Medieval History together where we spent many a happy hour discussing grail legends (me), sacred space (Emma) and Mediterranean trade (Luca). I do miss those days although I fear I’ve forgotten more about Medieval chivalry than most people will ever know! The friendships formed while studying are wonderful and I’m so glad that we’ve remained friends ever since. I was even more glad to be asked to photograph baby Alexander. It’s always such a privilege to photograph tiny babies. There is almost nothing as special as being invited to share in such an emotional time, so full of excitement and joy – unless, of course, it happens to be with friends.

After a night at the Premier Inn, I arrived at the house bright and early ready for a cup of coffee and what I knew would be a brilliant fun photo shoot. Baby Alexander was so chilled. When I arrived, he was sleeping happily and paid no heed to our excited chatter as coffee was made and cameras were prepared for action

However, as soon as we began the shoot, Alexander was wide-awake and anxious not to miss anything interesting going on around him. He’s such an alert little thing and I so enjoyed taking lovely pictures of him, Emma and Luca looking so happy.

After a while, it was time for Alexander to have a brief nap which gave us the opportunity to get some wonderful pictures of him snuggled on the bed – One of my favourites from this section was the ‘Just One’ I posted straight after the shoot. A short time snoozing and then he was awake again, keen to chat and make sure his parents weren’t getting into mischief. I loved to see how interested he was in everything going on around him and his parents keen intelligence sparkling in his eyes.

After Alexander’s feed and all warm in his cosy baby grow, we finished with a few more snoozing shots.

I’m thrilled with these pictures and I hope you enjoy looking at them. If you would like to arrange your own new born session , we advise you , if possible, to get in touch with us before your baby is born. These lovely snuggly tiny baby pictures are best taken within the first few days and those early weeks can fly by. Having said that, whatever stage your baby is at, please do call us to discuss a photoshoot. We would love to hear from you.

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