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Newborn and Family Photography in Highbury and Islington


My business is built on returning customers – clients who love their pictures so much they return again and again to document their families, show how their children are growing up and get a record of the children’s early lives that they can hand down for the children to enjoy as they get older.

It’s always a particular pleasure when I’m invited back to photograph my client’s newborn babies. It’s such a privilege to be welcomed into my their homes at such an important time, asked to produce a set of pictures when the latest member of the family is still so tiny and to record those early interactions with their siblings. These pictures will have so much resonance as time passes and will make everyone smile as they grow up. I wish I had some pictures from those early days when I was tiny and my brother’s reactions (pure joy I am sure), I guess there may be unprinted negatives somewhere at my parents house, I shall have to search next time I am home as they would be such wonderful pictures to look at.

I was so thrilled when Graham got in touch to tell me that he and Rachael were expecting a third child. We’d had such a brilliant time on their previous family photo shoot in Highbury in North London and I knew it would be amazing to see them again. Arriving a little later than expected Hamish put in an appearance just before Christmas – the perfect present for all the family.

I’m a real believer in pictures that capture the every day, that tell us stories about a family and the games they love to play and activities they enjoy. I particularly enjoy newborn sessions when there are older siblings. The younger children are always very excited that they have a new baby sibling, they are so proud to introduce me to their brother, but they are also really excited about their toy dinosaur and proud to introduce me to the dinosaur too. I love this sense of family excitement and also the feeling of continuity from the children – we have a brilliant baby brother, but also, dinosaurs…

We had a wonderful time taking pictures at Graham’s Highbury home in North London. I love how newborn sessions with older siblings have a life of their own, we have newborn pictures, the beautiful portraits that really capture how tiny the little one is and those lovely tender moments with their parents and older siblings. But we also have the continuity of every day life – jumping on the bed or playing hide and seek. It’s the fantastic energy that the older children bring to the session that makes them so much fun to photograph.

We had a brilliant time and it’s been such a pleasure these last couple of weeks to produce the wonderful selection of framed images for the walls and the beautiful album that Graham and Rachael have chosen. I can’t wait to see everything up on the wall when we have our next session. In the meantime I’m so pleased to share this selection of images from our recent newborn and family photography session in Highbury, I do hope you will like them. If you would like to find out more about my newborn sessions then do take a look at the dedicated newborn photography section on the website, I hope you like what you see!

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