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Newborn and Family Photography in Surrey


I’m so pleased to share some more pictures from Charlie’s newborn and family photography session in Surrey on the blog today. Regular readers will remember Charlie’s just one recently, a lovely relaxed picture with big brother Joshua. Today I’ll share more pictures of little Charlie along with some family shots, which I hope you will enjoy. It was a wonderful session and I’m thrilled with the pictures.

It hardly seems two years ago when I first met John and Stephanie, photographing Joshua’s newborn session in their beautiful Surrey home. I returned around Joshua’s first birthday for a family shoot, which was brilliant fun and really made the most of the family’s incredible garden. Joshua seems so big now, and has taken to his role as big brother to baby Charlie. They will have such fun playing together over the years.

As always John met me from a very early train so we could take advantage of the little ones being well rested. Even for newborn sessions when the babies are yet to establish routines, it’s good to do the sessions early in the day when parents will have had some sleep. Anyway, there’s something about the new day that always puts everyone in a good mood. All of this, combined with the best light of the day, makes 8am a great time for photographs.

I started off with some pictures of Charlie with his family. I always like to take a few family photographs first, as I never know how a session will develop, especially when photographing a newborn and an older sibling. Joshua was really interested in his little brother, constantly watching him from his favourite place on his dad’s shoulders.

I love to see relationships develop as I photograph families over the years. Joshua always seems happiest on his dad’s shoulders, and I imagine, over our next few shoots, I’ll get more and more pictures of him sitting there, laughing hysterically. Perhaps next time baby Charlie will be up there too.

It was lovely to take photograph Charlie and Stephanie together, and we captured some really beautiful tender moments which will be treasured as the little ones grow up. Charlie was also a delight to photograph on his own, and I made sure to capture all those tiny details that are so special on a newborn: the delicate eyelashes, and tiny hands. One of my favourite shots is of Charlie holding John’s hand.

I took a few pictures of John playing with Joshua, jumping on the bed in the kind of boisterous play that toddlers absolutely love. Their natural happy expressions are wonderful to behold.

We finished with more family shots and pictures of the boys together. It can be a real challenge to photograph newborns with their toddler siblings and these pictures worked brilliantly; I’m so pleased.

I hope you will enjoy todays’ selection of newborn baby, toddler and family photography in Surrey. Do get in touch if you’d like to arrange a photography session.

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