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Newborn and sibling photography


Big families and tiny babies – photographing newborns and siblings together

I’ve always loved photographing newborn babies – the excitement, the wonder, the sheer magic of those early days as parents get to know their new arrival and as the little ones get to know the world.  Over recent years I’ve found myself doing more newborn and sibling photography and I think my photographic skill base is ideally suited to this task.

I have experience photographing newborns, all the essential understanding of light and composition to create beautiful meaningful pictures but also, I’m great with older kids too – they are different skills and it’s so fun to combine them.

I love the dynamics of big families and I find it fascinating watching how older children welcome their new siblings to the world.  That mix of excitement and trepidation, the incredible love for their new brother and sister but also how their little lives are still going on.

Being sensitive to all the children’s needs

It’s so funny when a child will grab me by the hand and introduce me to their tiny baby brother or sister and then go on, in the same breath, to show me their plastic dinosaur, both with equal importance.  Understanding, and being sensitive to, the moods of older children in such a momentous week for them is essential to a successful photoshoot with newborns and older children, and it’s something I thrive on.

Over the course of a morning we have so many opportunities for beautiful pictures, from big group shots with everyone in, to portraits of your tiny newborn baby, but also lots of great fun action shots of the older children.

Often these family photo shoots will involve a trip to the park or time spent in the garden.  I like to let the older kids run around and have fun with their parents while the little one snoozes or feeds.

I think my childhood was spent being carried from place to place while my older brothers played, and I love how younger children seem to immediately warm to that role, being happily carried while mum or dad pushes a swing or pretends to be a ninja turtle.  It’s incredible to think that they are so tiny now, but it will be a blink of an eye and they will be running around with their siblings, joining in all the games.

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Fun for everyone and pictures to treasure

This set of pictures I’m sharing today demonstrates all the fun we can have on a photoshoot with a newborn and older siblings.  We had a brilliant day and, over the course of a morning, did so many things and took so many fantastic pictures.  Having the time to enjoy ourselves, to really get to know the children results in pictures that will stand the test of time, that really show their personalities as I’m sure you can see.

It’s such a pleasure and a privilege to be invited into people’s homes to photograph their families and I hope that on each and every photo shoot I live up to the trust placed in me to create incredible images that the children can look back on as they grow up.

If this is the kind of photo shoot that appeals to you, a photo shoot that has equal weight to all your children and gets both beautiful newborn portraits but also fun action shots of older siblings as everyone enjoys themselves and has a brilliant time, then do get in touch, I’d love to hear all about your family and get a date in the diary for your portrait session.

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