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Newborn Baby and Family Photography in Highgate


Fun Filled Newborn and Family Photography in Highgate

The blog has been quiet recently as I have been so busy, so I’m loving catching up this week and particularly pleased to be posting a sneak preview from a wonderful family photo shoot in Highgate in North London with fantastic children and the most delightful newborn baby. We had a brilliant time as you will see from this sneak preview from our newborn photography session in Highgate.

I love newborn photography, those early days when families get to know their latest addition are a wonderful combination of excitement and love. It’s a heady mix and I find that I get caught up in the emotions and always come home in such a wonderful mood. It’s a real privilege to be invited into my client’s homes at this important time for them and even more so this year when everyone’s contacts are more limited. I love photographing newborns, recording their first days in images that they can look back on as adults and see how tiny they were and the love on the faces of their parents and siblings as they play together. Highgate is also lovely and close to home, so it was a particular treat to only have a short journey across Crouch End and into Highgate for this newborn and family photography session

Newborn photography sessions with older siblings are even more fun. The energy is incredible as young children run around and play and marvel at their new baby sibling before dashing off to play on the swings or do a drawing. It never fails to delight to watch their little faces so full of love for their new playmate.

This wonderful family and newborn photo shoot in Highgate had everything, a beautiful baby and such brilliant older siblings, and to top it all off, it was a beautiful day too. We were so lucky with lovely soft autumn light, and it wasn’t too cold so we were able to head out to Highgate woods for some newborn and family photos as well as taking lots of pictures at home. I always love to mix things up like this when possible, to give the widest variety of photographs to my clients.

Starting out at home we took some beautiful shots utilising the stunning anticultural details and an amazing big window for some really creative images. I loved seeing the little ones snuggling in close to their baby brother with such looks of delight on their faces.

Then we headed outside to have a run around in the woods. The children loved playing with the leaves and climbing trees before a short stint in the playground to finish off our dose of fresh air. I love how energetic theses outdoor images are, you can feel the energy and the little one slept so soundly while we played. It was the best use of a long nap from a photographic point of view and these lovely snuggly pictures are sure to be treasured.

Including images in the home and also out at a favourite place where families often go adds both variety to the pictures and also so many extra memories into a newborn and family photo shoot. I love my job and I love days like this, full of energy, excitement and wonder as I photographed a beautiful newborn, his fabulous older brother and sister in this fantastic newborn and family session in Highgate.

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