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Newborn baby and family photography in Surrey


For the photos featured in today’s blog post, I visited Banstead in Surrey to meet John, Stephanie and baby Joshua. I love newborn photography sessions – it’s a real privilege to meet families at such an amazing time, and we had a really wonderful morning photographing little Joshua.

Joshua was such an alert little baby – his beautiful eyes already seemed full of personality even though he was only a few days old. I know that babies of a few days old can’t see everything that is going on, but it really seemed as if Joshua was following all the action – his focus on his mummy and daddy, the centre of his world!

Joshua’s shoot also involved one of my favourite newborn pictures ever, which is the lovely shot of him and the family’s two dogs. I’m still amazed we captured that shot – everything is just perfect, even the dogs posing for the camera and little Joshua looking straight into the lens. It’s shots like these that just happen and, as a photographer, you need to be ready for them and have everything in place to capture them and save the moment forever.

It was a real priviledge watching the interaction of this new family – baby Joshua and his beautiful mother Stephanie, so besotted by her wonderful baby boy and proud father John, so protective of his family. It’s such an incredible thing to witness these early days as everyone gets to know each other and the new family finds its feet. I always feel quite overwhelmed by the sheer wonder of it and I love the fact that these pictures will be kept forever, treasured as they hold so many memories of such a special time.

So here we are, some special moments to share with you from our newborn baby and family photography session in Banstead, Surrey – I do hope you enjoy them.

And one of my absolute favourite newborn baby and family photographs:

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