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Newborn baby and family photographer at the Barbican in the City of London


For today’s newborn baby, toddler and family photography session, I travelled to the Barbican Centre in Farringdon in the City of London. It was a very lovely day indeed, as I’m a massive fan of the Barbican – the architecture is incredible. I always have to leave myself plenty of time on the way to photo shoots, which allows me time to explore the various location possibilities. The Barbican is a particularly brilliant place for photography and the flats always generate lovely light, with the communal gardens providing a wonderful backdrop for some outdoor shots – it becomes our own private park for the day!

I knew I would be in for a treat when I arrived at the flat and was welcomed by one of the smiliest toddlers I have ever come across. I was immediately engaged in a game of hide-and-seek while coffee was being made, and the children’s infectious grins kept me giggling all morning.

Soon I met E’s little sister who was just as gorgeous as his sibling and, early on in the shoot, I took one of my favourite images of the day – a family shot with E demonstrating his excellent grasp of yoga and the downward-dog position. I love pictures like this – they capture so much personality, particularly of boisterous toddler’s eagerness to engage and play even while having a family photograph taken. It is moments like these that make pictures unique and special to each individual family.

After some time taking pictures indoors, we ventured out into the gardens with a particular view to letting E have a run around, and to capture some shots with his Granny who had arrived to lend a hand and join in with the family photo shoot. The shots of E with his Granny are so special – who wouldn’t want pictures like that with their grandparents? They are so full of love and laughter, and I know I would treasure them if they were of my family. It is these very real moments like these, so full of emotion, that I strive to capture in my children and family photography sessions. It is the ability to document these precious times that makes photography so valuable.

Then we headed back indoors for some more newborn baby pictures. Our tiny new subject, feeling sleepy after a feed, was particularly appealing. I love these images as they are so quiet and peaceful, and the tender shots with her parents are so adorable. The first few days with a tiny newborn are such a special and emotional time, I feel privileged to be invited in to document these early stages of a new life and create family portrait photographs that will be treasured by the family always.

I do hope you enjoy these pictures from today’s blog post featuring a recent newborn baby, toddler and family photography session at the Barbican in Farringdon, London.

Please do contact us if you would like to arrange your own newborn baby session – for a newborn photo shoot, we strongly advise arranging a date before your baby is born as time flies so quickly once the little one has arrived and babies grow so quickly. We’d be thrilled to get a date in the diary for your session.

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