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Newborn baby and family photography in Alexandra Palace, North London


Today on the blog we feature an extended selection of pictures from Kate and Chris’ recent newborn and family photo session in Alexandra Palace, North London with beautiful baby Beatrix. I’ve been looking forward to sharing these pictures with you, as I’m so thrilled with them – Beatrix was such a beautiful baby and enormous fun to photograph and, as always when photographing on location in my client’s homes, I love the variety of images we can capture during our newborn photography sessions – and we didn’t even get to go outside as it was raining (again!).

I always start my photo shoots early in the morning to give us plenty of time to take breaks if we need them. It was great to have lots of time with Kate and Chris as, like so many tiny babies, Beatrix was very hungry and we took plenty of breaks for feeds. If you are thinking about having a newborn photography session and are worried about keeping to your baby’s new routine, please be reassured that I always work around you and your baby – it’s no problem at all if your baby needs lots of feeds, as this is par for the course with newborn photography. Also, a well-fed baby is a happy baby, and a happy baby makes for lovely pictures. I have no time-limits on my shoots and am always happy to sit quietly if you need to feed.

Back to the session though, and after a fine breakfast Beatrix was ready to go. Kate and Chris are clearly so in love with their beautiful daughter and the wonderful feeling of love you get when photographing newborn babies was incredible – seeing parents with their new baby is magical. It’s such a privilege to be invited in on these early days when everything is new and exciting, and emotions are so strong. I will always feel I am incredibly lucky to be able to record this time in photographs that will remain so important to the family for years to come.

We started our session upstairs in the family’s home, photographing Beatrix on her own and also with her parents. I particularly love the family shots from our session – how happy Kate and Chris look, how peaceful Beatrix is when she is sleeping, and how inquisitive and alert when she is awake. It will be wonderful to find out which of these little new expressions will become the characteristic looks which will hold true throughout her life.

We also captured some photographs downstairs in the living room, as I loved the window’s blinds and the effect we could get by keeping a light background and a bit of a pattern, but not seeing the cars and the street beyond. My ‘Just One‘ preview from this shoot was taken using the blinds as a background, and it is one of my favourite pictures of the day.

I’m thrilled with this set of pictures that shows so much variety, from the family portraits to Beatrix’s newborn pictures, and even the little details such as Beatrix and Kate holding hands in one of the most tender newborn detail pictures I have taken to date.

I hope you will enjoy this selection from our newborn shoot in Alexandra Palace, North London – if you have a new baby arriving soon and would be interested in arranging a newborn shoot for your own family, do contact us – we’d love to hear from you.

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