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Newborn baby and family photography in North London


I love newborn photography – it’s such a special time in a family’s life and I was thrilled to visit Kate at her lovely Winchmore Hill home for our family and newborn photography session earlier this year.

We had such a lovely morning photographing beautiful baby Elsa. The weather was lovely and so we started off outdoors in the garden, taking some family shots in the garden where I am sure baby Elsa is going to enjoy playing in so much as she grows up. I’m sure that soon the lovely outdoor space will contain a swing and a playhouse and a slide, all the amazing toys that children enjoy out in the fresh air. But for now it is a peaceful oasis for some lovely family shots with Kate, Tom and beautiful, snoozy baby Elsa.

After exploring the garden and the options that it had to offer, we headed indoors. The majority of my newborn photography work takes place indoors as babies are so tiny it’s lovely to take pictures as they are snuggled up in their parents’ bed, all warm and cosy and not dwarfed in layers of warm clothing. This way I can capture all the tiny details – those minute little fingers and toes, the curl of hair at the base of the neck, these new little details that stay small for such a short period of time. Babies grow so quickly in the first few weeks this tiny teeny newborn stage passes in a blink of an eye. It’s such a privilege to photograph it and capture in pictures all the memories of this wonderful time.

Elsa was such a joy to photograph, calm and happy snuggled up with her parents and when sleeping in their bed. And then, when she was awake, she was so focussed on the camera and on what was going on.

I love to capture a real range of images when photographing newborns, from the tiny details to portraits of babies in all their cute newness to family shots, snuggly and close. Also, where possible, I like to incorporate the architectural details of the home – the lovely big windows, the fantastic wallpaper – all these elements that will hold so many memories for the children as they grow which will add a real personal touch to the pictures, images that are anchored in the family home.

I particularly love the shots taken in the beautiful bay window, one of which was the ‘Just One’ preview shot from this shoot – it was such a lovely spot in the house, with perfect light and a really interesting frame for a family shot which I know will be a staring image in my 2015 portfolio.

I was lucky on this shoot too that Elsa’s Grandpa arrived towards the end of the morning – planning to help with the DIY in the family’s new home, he was immediately welcomed into the photo shoot and the pictures I have of him holding Elsa with such tenderness and love in his eyes, and his hands holding hers, are images that melt my heart and which I hope the family will treasure forever.

I’m thrilled with this set of newborn and family portrait photographs from my recent session in Winchmore Hill in North London and I hope you will enjoy them too.

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