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Newborn baby and family photography in Notting Hill, West London


The newborn baby and family photography session featured on blog today took place in Notting Hill, one of my regular stomping grounds as a professional children’s photographer. I’ve always visited West London regularly and I love the beautiful architecture of its houses, the lovely manicured parks, the private gardens and how lovely all the people are – it’s always a pleasure to visit Notting Hill to capture newborn, baby, children and family photographs.

I was really looking forward to Stacey’s session with her newborn baby Toni and eight-year-old daughter, Ava. Ava had been described to me as a tomboy and as that usually translates as ‘going to be lots of fun to photograph’, I was excited. I expected, and found, an excited, energetic, funny and action-packed little girl as my subject and it was lovely to see such personality and exuberance, and also how all the energy could be quietened to such tenderness when holding her little baby sister – tender moments that were a real joy to photograph.

We started our morning by heading outdoors – if it isn’t raining, I’ll often suggested beginning our photo session outside. It means that everyone can get used to the camera with a little bit more space to move around and we’re also able to utilise the wonderful early morning light whilst having the parks and garden squares all to ourselves.

We had a great time at a small garden square close to Stacey’s Notting Hill home. It was a brilliant spot for newborn baby and family photography, with some picturesque backgrounds for family shots as well as space for Ava to run around and even a little playground for some action on the swings. One of my favourite shots of the session, and the Just One preview from this shoot, was taken at the park. Stacey and Peter are sitting with baby Toni while Ava jumps off the bench, a blur of movement that, to me, really sums up her wonderful personality. Always on the move, always having fun!

After our visit to the park we returned home, primarily to capture some individual portraits of baby Toni, pictures to show just how tiny she was at the time of the photo shoot. For these pictures, we photographed on Stacey and Peter’s bed – the perfect space for newborn baby photograph as it was so warm and light, and baby Toni was so happy and comfortable there. Ava, not to be left out for a minute, joined us for many of the shots and I love the tender, quiet sibling pictures and also the joy of the family shots.

I’m thrilled with this set of newborn baby, child and family portraits from our shoot in Notting Hill in West London, which capture all the wonderful elements of the family dynamic of this lovely happy family and I know they will make Ava and Toni smile in years to come just as much as looking at them makes me smile now.

If you’d enjoyed these pictures and would like to book your own family photo session, then please do get in touch – we would love to hear from you.

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