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Newborn baby photographer in Shad Thames, Central London


Today’s blog post features a shoot that took place in Shad Thames, an amazing area of Central London in the shadow of Tower Bridge. I had been recommended to Sara Beth and so was very excited to be visiting to photograph her family at their incredible Shad Thames flat for Cole’s newborn baby shoot.

I love this area down by the river Thames in London – it’s such a wonderful spot for lifestyle portrait photographs of children and families. Today we were mostly indoors for our newborn and family shoot, but the flat had the most incredible views over the river and of Tower Bridge itself. I felt like I was outside – the flat had truly the most astonishing views, even thinking about it takes me back. All houses should have walls of windows, it was seriously cool.

But enough about the amazing apartment and onto the photography, as I had a such lovely family to photograph – Sara Beth, Josh, big sister Ella and baby Cole. Everyone was in such a good mood and so pleased to have baby Cole home and settling into his routine.

We started with some pictures of the children together. I love how older siblings interact with newborn babies – that combination of excitement and a slight wariness about this new person who is going to be their playmate and best friend, but who is also new, unknown and poos oh so much (always something that makes a two year old giggle!).

Ella was so tender with her baby brother, looking down on him and stroking his head, such a touching image. She was clearly so excited to have a baby brother.

We captured a number of family photographs and lots of pictures of the children together to start with. Then while Cole had a feed, Ella showed me her favourite game, which is a dancing programme on the TV – I’m thinking Katy Perry with Sesame Street, but that could have been a dream! Dancing with Daddy was definitely a favourite activity though, and we had such a great time busting some moves while Cole had a feed.

Then, towards the end of the morning, everyone began to get sleepy – Ella needed a nap and Cole was fast asleep. I took some lovely snoozy shots of him, all cosy and warm. It’s really lovely to capture both awake and asleep pictures during a newborn baby photography session where possible, as they have such a different feel to them and add such a lovely variety to your pictures.

When I left, both the children were in bed settling to their lunchtime naps. I wonder how long it took Sara Beth and Josh to have a sneaky nap, too – I know I definitely went to sleep on the train home, tired but elated after our wonderful newborn baby and family portrait photography session in Shad Thames, Central London.

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