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Newborn baby photographer in Parsons Green, Fulham


I love photographing newborn babies – there is such a wonderful magical feeling surrounding such a tiny, teeny little person. It’s a real privilege and a joy to be able to capture such a special time for my clients. It’s even more wonderful if it’s clients who I’ve got to know really well over a number of shoots, and who are incredibly special to me.

Kate and I were so excited when we heard that Jennifer and Carlos were expecting another baby, and absolutely thrilled that I would be visiting them at their Parsons Green home soon after the birth to meet the new arrival and capture some newborn baby and family photographs to mark this amazing time. I couldn’t wait to meet little Thomas, and have Stella introduce me to her new baby brother.

As always, I arrived bright and early – I like to start early to get the children at their best and particularly with newborn babies when nobody has slept, it’s great to start early in the day to allow everyone to have that all important lunchtime nap. Also, Stella had a very big day at nursery, so we needed to make sure we could capture some family pictures before she left.

Thomas was an absolute joy and, as always, Stella was a super star. We had such a wonderful time with some family shots first – parents, big sister and newborn baby brother all in lovely relaxed family portraits. Initially with Stella in her beautiful dress ,before she changed into the most incredible ladybird outfit – sent over from America especially (for a halloween-themed day at nursery, not for my photoshoot I should add, although that would have been cool!). I love Carlos’s face in the picture of Stella showing off her outfit – so pleased, proud and happy looking at his lovely little girl.

Once Stella had left for her nursery, we settled down to take some more individual newborn baby portraits of Thomas and as well as some lovely family photos as Thomas snoozed happily – so relaxed and tranquil throughout his first photo shoot. I love taking really natural shots of newborn babies – no props or baskets, just the babies in their home environment surrounded by the love of their parents. It’s all we need for the most magical, timeless images of newborn babies and the families who love them.

I hope you like enjoy this selection of my favourite images from our newborn baby, child and family photography session in Parsons Green in Fulham, West London

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