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Newborn Baby Photography in Dulwich, South London


Choosing a Newborn Photographer in South London

Welcome to my blog. I’m a specialist newborn and family photographer based in London. I hope to guide you through the world of newborn photography and I hope you will chose me to photograph your baby.

Choosing a newborn photographer can be a daunting task – there are so many photographers out there with so many different styles and skill levels.

I work in a very natural style, working in your home to create evocative images that will transport you back to this magical time. Images that show your lives and the wonderful emotions as you get to know your new arrival and which capture the immensity of the love your have for your baby.

I don’t take very posed pictures and I never manipulate your baby into complex poses or use elaborate props. Instead I want the images to be true to life and to be classically beautiful so that your children will love them when they are adults rather than cringing at a cheesy approach. Timeless images that will stand the test of time and will be full of memories for you to look back on is my aim for your newborn pictures.

Portfolio and Approach

The best way to get a really good feel for my newborn photography work is to look at the dedicated newborn page on my website. There is information and also a gallery of some of my favourite newborn pictures taken over the years which I hope you will enjoy.

To be certain you will be in safe hands do take a look at the press page on the website that shows some of the many publications, accolades and awards I have achieved with my family photography, indeed I’m the only family photographer in Europe to be a brand ambassador for Canon Inc. If you choose me you can be certain of great results as these reviews show.

To discover more about the process of a newborn photoshoot in your own home then I point you towards the detailed guide to newborn photography at home which is packed with information.

Siblings and Grandparents

It’s always such a pleasure to have older brothers and sisters involved in a photo shoot and the extra level of chaos always results in wonderful, vibrant images. In what can be an overwhelming week for your older children you can be sure I will approach image making with sensitivity and also a sense of humour. We will have a brilliant time and these pictures of their early relationship will be, I guarantee, among your favourite images.

If grandparents want to join us too then the more the merrier, the whole family is always welcome for newborn baby photography in Dulwich, South London and further afield.

Booking a Newborn Photography Session in South London

If you like what you see, and I hope that you will, then please get in touch to book your session. I’m always happy to answer any questions you might have and to have a chat about what you are looking for from your newborn pictures.

Newborn photography is such a wonderful thing to have. The first few weeks pass by in a blink of an eye and that teeny tiny phase is so fleeting. Recording the first few days in images you can look back on for years to come is a pleasure and a privilege for me and an investment you will always be glad you made. These pictures will be treasured possessions down the generations always bringing smiles to the faces of those who view them.

I do hope you like what you have seen of my style of newborn photography from this newborn baby photography in Dulwich in South London and that you would like me to visit you  to create an heirloom for your family.


Case Study: Amelia’s Newborn Photography Session in Dulwich in 2016

Back in November 2016 travelled to a shoot in South London for newborn baby photography in Dulwich with the beautiful Amelia. It was lovely to return to my old haunts, not least driving past my old sixth form, Alleyns, on my way to the house. Memories came flooding back of sunny days sitting on the lawn and other mornings hastily finishing my maths homework over coffee before class. It’s lovely how a place can take you back to an earlier time.

Pictures also have this power, to transport us back to earlier days, to remind us of feelings and emotions. It’s what makes family photography so special.

For Rachael and Stefan I’m sure looking back on these pictures will transport them straight back to these early days, to how tiny Amelia was and to that incredibly love and protection they feel for their tiny newborn daughter. As Amelia gets older, learns to walk, to ride a bike and heads off to school and then university and out into the world, the family can look back and marvel at how tiny she was – look at a picture of her little hand clutching her daddy’s finger, her fingers only just cover his fingernail!

It’s such a wonderful gift to give the little ones, pictures of these early days, pictures that will remind them that, right from those first seconds, they are the centre of their parent’s universe, the most loved in all the world.

We had a brilliant time on this session and it has been lovely to create a beautiful album for Amelia to treasure as she grows up as well as a wonderful selection of framed images for the wall which the family will look at every day.