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Newborn baby photography in South London


Today’s blog post features my dear friends Mary and Joe, their adorable two year old Luke and their beautiful new baby boy, Jack. I’m so pleased to be sharing this newborn photography shoot with you today.

Mary and I grew up together in South London, going to the same school and sharing many teenage adventures. We have remained great friends ever since and it’s the very best thing for me, photographing the children of those I love dearly. Family and friends are so important, and therefore the family of my friends makes the perfect subject for my lens.

Jack was four days old when I visited Mary at home in South London for our photo shoot and he is as cute as a button (as Homer Simpson would say). We had such a lovely morning taking pictures and chatting, having a lovely relaxed time.

Luke was brilliant – he’s such a great older brother to baby Jack, enjoying looking after his little brother, sitting incredibly still while he held him and stroking his head so tenderly. There were so many lovely moments and it’s wonderful to have pictures of these early days – the beginnings of a relationship between the two boys, which will be such an important part of their lives. I’m sure it won’t be long before they are playing together, sharing love and laughter as they grow up.

I was so thrilled to see Mary and her family so happy. It’s all you can hope for for your friends, and I’m so glad I have been able to record Mary’s wonderful family for her in these pictures. I do hope you enjoy this selection of pictures.

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