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Newborn and baby photography in St Johns Wood

Welcome to my blog, today I’d like to tell you about my newborn and baby photography in St John’s Wood, North London.  I’m Helen Bartlett, a specialist newborn and baby photographer with over twenty years’ experience and I I hope that you will choose me to photograph your family.

The first few weeks after your new baby has arrived fly by. I can offer you beautiful, timeless images that will record this wonderful time in photographs that you will look back on time and again as the years pass.  Alternatively, if you would like to wait until your baby is a little older we can arrange a photo shoot when your baby is lifting their head, smiling, sitting up, or crawling, there are so many incredible moments in your baby’s first year and I am here to help you document them.  Some clients will choose one session, others will arrange a number of photo shoots recording the arrival of their newborn baby and then further milestones in the first year. The choice is yours, and I’m here to explain the different options and help you decide on the best choices for your newborn and baby photography session in St Johns Wood.

Where do my newborn and baby photography sessions in St John’s wood take place?

My newborn and baby photography takes place in your St Johns Wood home.  I want you to be completely relaxed and have everything you need at hand. It’s also lovely to have your photo shoot in your home as this is where your memories will be – we can take pictures of you snuggled in your favourite chair as your baby sleeps on your chest or your baby alert and playful in their nursery. We can take portraits of your baby on their own and beautiful family images as you enjoy time together. Over the course of a morning I take a wide variety of images that will be filled with memories.

I love to photograph the little looks parents give each other and the joy on their faces as they look in love and wonder at their new baby.  It’s such a special time and these images will transport you back and will be wonderful talking points when you show the photographs to your baby in the future, you can tell them about their early days and all the fun you had together.

If the weather is kind, then we can also take some pictures outdoors and this adds a lovely variety to your photographs. Depending on the age of your baby these might be snuggly newborn shots in beautiful Regents Park, or your older baby might have discovered the joy of the swings at the Primrose Hill playground. We could feed the ducks on Hampstead Heath or sit in one of St Johns Woods beautiful cafes. Newborn and baby photography in St Johns Wood offers so many options for stunning photographs that really capture your lives and the love your family have for each other.


When to photograph your baby?

There’s no right answer as to when to have your baby photographed, it entirely depends on what you like best in terms of your images.  There is something magical about photographing a newborn baby – the love in the room is extraordinary and it’s always such a humbling thing for a photographer to be invited into a client’s home at this special time When your baby is tiny and new then your baby will often be asleep for a large part of the session and those lovely snoozy sleeping shots are incredibly cute. There are also so many optiosn for family portraits and, if you have older siblings then they are, of course, included in the session. Newborn sessions tend to take place when your baby is under a month old

If you prefer to wait until your baby is a little older then 12-16 weeks is a wonderful second milestone. At this point your baby will be lifting their head when lying on their tummy and they will be smiling. The interaction and engagement is lovely to see and those first smiles are fabulous to treasure in pictures.

The next wonderful moment that you might choose for your St Johns Wood baby photographs is when your baby is around six to eight months and sitting up. This age is such fun and there are so many opportunities for images as your baby explores the world around them. By this point their personality will be shining through and they will have favourite toys, favourite songs, favourite books. There will be so many things to include in your family album.

Or you may choose more than one milestone and many clients do choose to have multiple sessions in their babies first year as the changes are so big from tiny newborn to a one-year-old crawling and giggling and exploring the world.  If you would like to see how this works in practice, then do take a look at this gallery of Thomas’s first year.

How it works for a newborn or baby photography session in St John’s Wood NW8

All my sessions take place in your home, and they last the morning. This means we can be totally relaxed and take our time working around your baby. If they have a schedule and naps at certain times then we make sure not to disrupt that, and if the days are taken as they come, which is always the way with younger babies then that is fine too. When your little one needs to sleep they sleep, when they want to feed they feed. It’s all about them, and you, and making sure that you have a wonderful experience safe in the knowledge that your baby will be completely comfortable and relaxed.

After the session I process the pictures and then my colleague will visit you a few weeks later to show you your images on a nice big screen. She will bring samples of the stunning products that we offer, products that will make your images from your newborn and baby photography session in St John’s wood look their very best.  I offer stunning heirloom albums in beautiful genuine leather or vegan friendly leatherette, which can be personalised with the text of your choice.  Our prints are printed to the highest archival standards on stunning fine art papers and the frames are handmade to the highest quality.

Helen Bartlett photography is about quality from start to finish – a wonderful experience for you, the best photographs of your newborn baby possible and then brilliant customer service to ensure you get the prints you want in museum quality presentation ready to enjoy for generations to come.  You can find the full price list on the website or give me a call to chat it all through.

Find out more about newborn and baby photography in St Johns Wood

To find out more then do browse my website where you can find dedicated newborn photography and baby photography pages both with their own galleries for newborn or baby photography. If you would like more information about me to help you decide if I’m the right photographer for you then do take a look at my about page or the recent press cuttings. You can see me in person on my Instagram Page in the Instagram TV section – sometimes it’s nice to put a face to a name.  Any questions please get in touch and I hope to meet you and your family soon for some newborn baby photography in St Johns Wood.