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Newborn baby, toddler and family photography in Notting Hill, West London


The photo shoot featured on the blog today took place in Notting Hill in West London, when I was thrilled to revisit Monique and her beautiful family for our newborn baby, toddler and family photography session. I had been really looking forward to this shoot as I’ve been lucky enough to photograph Monique and her family on two previous occasions and I couldn’t wait to meet the new addition to this lovely family.

I had photographed Caleb’s newborn photo shoot back in 2012, and we had met up again when Caleb was eight months old, which is one of my favourite ages for photographing babies. We spent a wonderful morning in Holland Park and at Monique’s beautiful Notting Hill home, capturing so many beautiful pictures. Since then, the family have moved abroad and so I was thrilled that when they returned, the family invited me back to West London to update the family’s photographs.

When I arrived at Monique’s home, baby Lincoln was sleeping soundly so we started straight away capturing some lovely snoozy shots. These are photographs that really sum up the tiny newborn stage, when babies sleep so peacefully during the day (and so often want to play through the night). Lincoln was so snuggly and warm, and didn’t bat an eyelid when his older brother Caleb joined us, laughing and giggling and full of mischief.

Caleb was clearly so thrilled to have a baby brother, and also so curious – I love the photographs that show this curiosity, picking up his baby brother’s foot to examine it – as they really capture the emotions of this time. It’s strange and yet so exciting for a toddler as a new person enters their world – not yet old enough to play football with, but already the sibling bond of love showing in their interactions. I can only imagine the fun these two will have as they get older, and I hope I will be lucky enough to photograph them regularly as they grow up.

It’s also such a pleasure for me to take images that show the bond of mother, father and their tiny offspring, which is so filled with love and pride and emotion. It’s a wonderful thing to witness and a real privilege to be invited in to document this incredible time for a family. I love the little looks between parents as they hold their baby – the bond of family, the centre of their world.

I’m so thrilled to have been able to capture these beautiful newborn baby, toddler and family photographs in Notting Hill, West London and I do hope you enjoy them too, I can’t wait for our next session.

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