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Newborn and Family Photography in Barnes


I’m lucky enough to photograph a lot of newborn babies and I was thrilled when Anne-Marie contacted me to arrange a photographic session for her family in Barnes. Anne-Marie had seen my work on her friend’s walls and had been impressed by my natural style and creative black and white images. It’s always great to meet new clients through referrals, as I always know that friends of lovely people will be equally lovely. I was really looking forward to the session.

We had the most brilliant time. Baby Hugo was incredibly cute and so chilled out, really enjoying his time in front of the camera. His big sister was wonderful, so gentle with her baby brother and I love the pictures of her holding him so carefully. It’s always great fun photographing newborn babies with their older siblings but it isn’t always easy and takes patience and a sense of humour. For toddlers the arrival of a new sibling is a momentous occasion and brings with it mixed feelings as they get to know their new playmate. I’m the youngest of four so I can’t imagine the mix of emotions when a new sibling arrives but I imagine a mix of excitement but also a wariness of this little one who is sharing mummy and daddy’s attention. I’m always very sure to make a big fuss of the older child when photographing newborns with older siblings and I find this approach works really well to get a toddler on my side.

I had a brilliant time playing with Aurelie – she loved jumping on the bed – and the fun we had really helped when taking pictures of the two children together and family shots. I love how toddlers will often be the ones to introduce me to their siblings, keen to stress their role as big sister (or brother) and often already protective of their younger sibling. I love to think how much fun they will have together growing up and I’m lucky that I so often get to go back and visit the family again and see how the children have grown.

Anne-Marie’s house was brilliant for photography and we moved around lots of different rooms to add variety to the pictures. We sought out the good light and we were so lucky that so many rooms had beautiful illumination. I think my favourite images were from the top bedroom where a skylight and a large side window created lovely soft light. I often find that loft conversions have truly fabulous light and windows in the roof work so well, providing beautiful flattering light particularly on a dull day.

I love the images of everyone sitting on the windowsill, the light wrapping around from the big window behind them and fill provided by the skylight. The family all look so happy and the tender moments are wonderful, pictures that will be treasured for years to come.

I always say to people never believe the photographer who says they have taken their last image, certainly never believe me as I always have my camera to the ready pretty much until I walk out the door, just in case a little moment reveals itself that would make a beautiful image. That was definitely the case here. As the shoot finished Anne-Marie settled on the stairs to read a story to Aurelie and I created the beautiful image of mother and daughter sharing this quiet moment. It’s a documentary picture, un-posed and unplanned and all the better for it. A picture that records something that probably happens day in day out, an impromptu story to settle a tired child. It’s one of my favourite pictures from the shoot and shows that it’s important to always be on the look out for that quiet moment that really captures the essence of a relationship.

I hope you like all these pictures, this wider selection from my newborn and family portrait photography session in Barnes. If you would like to arrange your own newborn or family session or you have any questions about how it works then do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

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