Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Newborn and Family Photography in Finsbury Park and Stroud Green


This was my second shoot with Nicholette and her family in Stroud Green near my Crouch End home in North London. I had first met Nicholette back in 2014 when we had spent a fantastic morning photographing her daughter at Finsbury Park and then back at the family home. I was so pleased to hear from her and particularly excited that we were booking in a session to welcome baby Theo to the family.

I arrived nice and early and, as is often the way when I’m photographing newborns with older siblings we decided to split the session and do some pictures inside and some outside. We did a few indoor shots to start off and then decided that fresh air was in order and headed to Finsbury Park for a runaround. It was such good fun and baby Theo slept happily while his sister enjoyed a game of hide and seek some time in the playground.

When Iris began to get tired we headed home for some pictures of Theo on his own and he was absolutely perfect, enjoying some awake time with his parents and then falling into a lovely snoozy sleep so we have the perfect mix of photographs. I love how the pictures really capture the day, all the wonder of a tiny new baby but also how, when there are older children involved, we still get out and about and run around. It will be so much fun when Theo is older to look back over these pictures with him and tell him about all the fun that was had when he was still under a week old.

If this relaxed and documentary style approach to newborn and family photography appeals to you then do get in touch and I can send you some more details.

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