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I first met Lauren back in 2014 when I photographed her with baby Ethan on Hampstead Heath and at their beautiful home, a photo shoot that resulted in one of my all time favourite baby photographs. I was thrilled to visit the family again to welcome baby Cora and to take some stunning and stylish black and white newborn and family photographs at their Hampstead home and out on the heath, pictures that I know will be treasured by the family forever.

It was a lovely morning for our photo shoot and everyone was in a great mood. Ethan was so excited to introduce me to his baby sister and photographing them together in a really relaxed manner created such lovely photographs. I try to avoid posing as much as possible and certainly don’t bring props to my photo shoots, I love to see what the children will do with a little direction but without instructions – I never could have planned the pictures of Ethan counting baby Cora’s toes and they are some of my favourites from the whole shoot – the look of love and wonder on his face is a joy to behold.

Unposed documentary newborn baby and family photographs often result in pictures that are funny and, bringing a sense of humour to my photo shoots and my pictures, is something I love to do. It was so sweet when Ethan put the muslin over his sister, tucking her in with her own little blanket and then, picking it up again to drop over her face. It’s these little moments that are sure to make the children laugh as they get older.

As well as laughing, these stylish newborn photographs will also remind them of the love and tenderness, the way Ethan held his little sisters hand and kissed her head, a lovely moment between siblings in this Hampstead newborn photography shoot.

It wasn’t just about the children though, as always I’m sure to get beautiful family portraits and shots of parents with their children as well as the stylish newborn portraits. These ‘mother and baby’ and ‘father and baby’ portraits show so much love and I know the family treasure them. We were also lucky enough that Lauren’s mum was visiting and I’m so pleased to have taken pictures of the children with their grandmother.

Towards the end of the morning we felt that some fresh air was in order and also we wanted to add to the variety of the photographs and so we headed out onto Hampstead Heath for some outdoor photographs. I love photographing newborns indoors but it’s also fun to get out, to really get a sense of the family on an excursion to the park and enjoying nature, stunning Hampstead Heath being one of the main reasons Lauren and Elliott had moved to the area.

We took some lovely portraits outside, using the environment to great effect and enjoying the creative opportunities offered by Hampstead Heath. It was a great photo shoot and I’m so pleased with the pictures. If this style of newborn and family photography appeals to you then do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you

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