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Newborn Photography at Home in Finchley


A wonderful family photo shoot with newborn baby Ella and big brother Huw

I spent such a wonderful morning with Heena, David and their wonderful children.  Heena had booked me for a newborn session at her North London home and I was really looking forward to it, particularly as she had an older son as well.  I love newborn sessions where there are big brothers and sisters involved as it adds an extra dimension of chaos that I find a lot of fun to photograph.

Visiting families when the little ones are tiny is an incredible privilege.  It’s such an amazing opportunity to watch the family dynamic as siblings get to know each other, and to take pictures that will record these magical early days.  Big brother Huw was absolutely besotted with his baby sister and so I was able to take lots of incredibly touching photographs of the children together.

As is often the case on my newborn shoots we did some of the session indoors and some out in the garden. With the amazing summer we’ve just had I’ve wanted to be outdoors as much as possible and I always aim to get as much variety as possible in my newborn portrait photography.  Taking some pictures inside and some outdoors adds an extra dimension to the pictures.  It’s also lots of fun and allows any older siblings a bit of time to run around and play.

Looking through the images there are so many that I love, it’s really hard to choose a favourite but this picture really jumped out at me.  Heena loved the idea of a shot of both children in or around baby Ella’s cot and I love it when a client has an idea that I can then run with and explore in my own way.

This picture really caught my eye as I downloaded the cards.  I’m so pleased with the composition – the bars of the cot give a dramatic frame to the portrait and also a real sense of place.  I love how both children are staring mesmerised by the camera, completely still for a split second as the shutter clicked.

I love the little details, Ella’s tiny fingers, Huw’s incredible curls and the pictures visible at the back of the shot, a beautiful display that Heena has put up on the nursery wall that will always remind the children of this room, Ella’s first bedroom.

Taking newborn pictures in your own home means we have the opportunity to take pictures like this, pictures that will be full of memories of a time and a place that you can look back on and remember these incredible early days.

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